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Salsa Dancers

The diversity of form found in nature seems exhausting. From the atomic to cellular and on through microscopic marine and terrestrial life forms on through visible natural and manmade forms we are accustomed to in everyday life including enhanced images of galaxies we find both repetitive geometrical patterns and anomalies.

The following are images of strands of Spanish Moss, an epiphytic bromeliad. Although the patterns of each strand seem to defy a recognized geometry, the strands and shadows cast have a lyrical expressive quality of movement.  The strands and shadows remind me of Salsa Dancers….Continuous fluid motion.  

Dancer 1

Dancer 2

Dancer 1 and 2; Together

Becoming One: Two dancers meeting; relating to one another and becoming one.

Designing a  lyrical quality into a Courtyard space invites a romantic emotive response. The Cliff House courtyard, with arching curved palms and curvilinear walls embodies this concept.