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CATCH ALL 1 Nov 17 2010 1358 – Copy

Blue Study

A study of lights against blue

I love photography. It is another means of seeing in a different way. Noticing the changing quality of light during the day as a child I became fascinated with the possibility of capturing the changing light patterns and colors in kaleidoscopic composition.  

Blue Tartan Light

Light bends and swirls as a wave and stream of particles. Light is absorbed, reflected and transmitted. Light forms patterns and casts shade forming additional patterns changing as the source of illumination changes during the day.

Blue Saturation

Hue, Saturation and Luminance, the attributes of color. Fascinating reading about color is found in a Treatise on Painting by Leonardo da Vinci; Goethe’s Theory of Colors; 50 Secrets of Master Craftsmanship by Dali and Itten’s The Art of Color!

Blue Moves!
Elemental Blue
A Cylinder of Blue Time