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Following Hurricane Hugo in 1989 we consulted with the owner’s team to provide strategies for the redevelopment of the landscape. Little Dix was an older resort that embraced the natural character of this rustic crescent bay. We championed the strategy of preserving the natural Seagrape Tree canopy along the beach, the iconic informal Coconut Palm groupings and the Gumbo Limbo trees with their whimsical forms.

An alternative strategy by others was to demolish the Seagrapes, replace the Coconuts and mature tree species in an effort to create a new minimalistic appearance. Our position was based on preserving the iconic vegetative planting elements as they were an integral part of the resorts appeal to repeat guests and fitting to the natural setting and architecture. A departure from this would have negatively impacted the original design intent by disrupting the aesthetic and perceptive harmony of the site.

Our strategy was accepted. We re-enhanced accent and groundcover plantings.